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Othman Ktiri, CEO of OK Mobility, gives the OK Team more than 1 million euros in mobility, health and culture benefits

Dec 16, 2022

During the OK TEAM Day 2022, OK Mobility CEO Othman Ktiri announced that he would distribute more than 1 million euros in mobility, health, and culture benefits to the entire OK Team.

The CEO announced that all 650 OK Mobility members of staff will receive a 150,000 Euro active life grant, a 500 Euro cultural voucher and an Skateflash electric scooter worth 800 Euros.

Ktiri stated that this gesture "is my way of thanking you for your implication, dedication and loyalty".

Ktiri’s announcement was the cherry on top of a fun and entertaining team building day referred to internally as the OK TEAM DAY 2022, held at the Palma Convention Center. OK Team members participated in different leisure activities and had the chance to demonstrate their great teamwork and OK spirit.