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Othman Ktiri participates in the Foro 1000 Empresas de Baleares event

May 31, 2021

OK Mobility CEO, Othman Ktiri, has taken part in the “Recovery after the pandemic; and now what?” roundtable part of the Foro 1000 Empresas de Baleares  (Forum 1000 Companies of the Balearic Islands) organised by the Club de Diario de Mallorca.

Ktiri, together with other key players in the tourism sector on the islands, has called for the need to put in place the necessary mechanisms for the new tourist season to begin as soon as possible; the health situation always remaining a priority.

In this sense, Ktiri has stressed the importance of mobility in this economic recovery process, highlighting the fundamental role that companies such as OK Mobility have.

During the forum, the Club de Diario de Mallorca presented the “Guide of the 1000 companies of the Balearic Islands“, which places OK Mobility Group in the Top 10 of the hundred most productive companies on the islands.