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OK Team, on the run against breast cancer

Oct 30, 2023

OK Mobility has joined, once again, the eighth edition of the solidarity race “Mallorca en marcha contra el cáncer” (Mallorca on the march against cancer) organised in Palma by the Spanish Association Against Cancer in the Balearic Islands under the slogan #ElRosaEsMásQueUnColor (#pinkIsMoreThanJustAColour) and which was sponsored by former tennis player Carlos Moyá.

As official sponsors, we have supported the organisation, the volunteers, and the more than 4,000 people who participated in the race. Among them, members of the OK Team have also joined the pink tide, highlighting OK's commitment to people with cancer and their families.

A support that goes beyond since, since 2022, OK Mobility has been the first “Active Company Against Cancer” in the Balearic Islands, providing mobility to the association throughout the year with a vehicle that, in addition to facilitating the movement of the entity's professionals, serves as an informative element of the main messages and awareness-raising campaigns carried out by the association.