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MC Automobiles, owned by OK Mobility Group, begins extension works to double its fleet of vehicles

Apr 29, 2021

The French company MC Automobiles, which OK Mobility Group acquired last January, has started the extension works of its vehicle park located in the logistics centre that the company has in Criel, in the north of France.

An expansion with which it is expected to double the storage area and to store more than 800 vehicles. This logistics centre is joined by another that MCA has in Cahors, in the south of the France.

The acquisition of the company by OK Mobility Group was a historic operation for the group, as it was the first acquisition that the company carried out within its broad global growth strategy outlined in 2020.

MC Automobiles is considered one of the five main companies dedicated to the sale of used vehicles to wholesalers in France, reaching 4,000 vehicles sold annually and having invoiced more than 50 million euros in the 2020 financial year.