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OK Mobility reinforces its commitment to achieving gender parity

Feb 26, 2021

OK Mobility consolidates, one more year, gender parity among the OK Team members. In this way, the whole workforce, made up of more than 400 employees, comprises  40% women and 60% men. Figures that highlight the company’s commitment to further develop its Equality Plan with to reach a total balance in terms of gender.

This plan includes a set of measures to ensure real equality between men and women in our teams, located in the more than 30 offices and centres that OK Mobility has  across the main cities of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and France.

This large geographical distribution also reflects the diversity of our OK Team, in which we have more than 12 nationalities and speak more than 14 different languages.

We continue to take steps developing the Equality Plan, framed in our set of Corporate Social Responsibility actions, intending to achieve a totally inclusive and equal corporate culture.