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OK Mobility sponsors Women’s League 2 team Clínica Aureo Sant Josep

Feb 25, 2021

True to our commitment to women’s sport, OK Mobility will accompany Women’s League 2 Balearic team Aureo Sant Josep Obrer during the remainder of the season.

The Balearic club was promoted to the silver category by FEB (Spanish Basketball Federation) after the 2020 season was suspended because of the pandemic. The team’s main references are French player Sophia Elenga  and Swedish Wilma Carlsten, both with experience in the United States’ University League and who have been signed by the club to give consistency to a team full of youth and players with experience in the category such as Neus Amengual, Gloria Jiménez, Elena Colom and Brígida Gual.

Included in Group C together with another Mallorcan club, the Catalan teams and two Aragonese, the Balearic team’s main goal is to achieve permanence.

At OK Mobility, we are proud to accompany the women’s basketball team in our purpose of continuing to join forces to highlight the role of women in sport.