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New successes of Sanyo Gutiérrez from the hand of OK Mobility

Aug 23, 2022

OK Mobility continues to support professional Argentinian paddle player Sanyo Gutiérrez, who, alongside his doubles partner, Agustín Tapia, has added five titles to his list of victories this year, the most recent in the 2022 Málaga Open.

The current no 6 seed in the World Padel Tour ranking is considered one of the world's best paddle players. The Wizard of San Luis, a nickname given to Sanyo due to his place of birth, was number 1 seed in the 2018 World Padel Tour ranking, this being one of his greatest achievements. Winner of 37 tournaments, he is now the third player in terms of World Padel Tour competition victories.

OK Mobility continues to accompany Sanyo in all his competitions, transmitting all our OK Attitude and the sporting values that we share with him, including effort, sacrifice and teamwork.