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OK Mobility is born, the solution to global mobility

Feb 18, 2021
OK Mobility Group encompasses its mobility services under this new customer-centric brand through the concepts #bemobility and #ownmobility

OK Mobility Group launches its new global mobility brand, OK Mobility. A new identity with which the business group now encompasses its main business divisions of vehicles rental and sale – to which new products will be added – to offer the end customer the mobility of the future.

OK Mobility Group’s more than 15 years of experience during which we have acquired knowledge, lived experiences and made decisions culminate today with the birth of this new brand.

In this way, the company will offer mobility solutions through the #bemobility and #ownmobility concepts. #Bemobility includes solutions focused on both rental and flexible renting. Products covering a wide range of services: the rental of cutting-edge electric vehicles, personal mobility services, flexible renting for businesses, holiday rental or rental of the most premium models on the market.

As for #ownmobility, the company puts at the service of individuals and businesses its different purchase methods available, with a clear vocation for the online channel throughout the whole process.

Both value propositions will be available on the new online portal which will be the centre of the entire project in addition to the mobile application. This portal will bring together all current services and welcome the new mobility proposals.

During the presentation of the new brand, OK Mobility Group CEO Othman Ktiri, stressed that “with OK Mobility we want our mobility services to be effective, personalised, sustainable and in real-time; features that customers demand now more than ever”. Ktiri notes that “at OK we embrace the importance of technology and there are projects that can only happen in digital environments. OK Mobility is, precisely,  the representation of our adaptation to the mobility of the future: digital and on-demand. We want to be the Amazon of mobility.

OK Mobility represents a significant evolution in the company’s history, which continues to focus its efforts on innovation to develop products and services that focus on the user experience and that users themselves decide the type of mobility they need at all times.

The business group continues to shape its global mobility services, which already extend through the main cities of Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany and France, with an eye to moving towards an international corporate structure with which to consolidate itself as a key European player, with a strong technological side in the mobility of the future space.