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Athlete Christian Lopez becomes the fastest man in the world to push a car with the help of OK Mobility

Aug 4, 2023

With the collaboration and support of OK Mobility, the man with the most Guinness Records in Spain adds a new achievement to his long list of records. The Toledo-born athlete Christian López has managed to beat one of his most difficult records to date: the Guinness Record for the fastest 100 meters pushing a vehicle of over 1,880 kilos.

From OK Mobility, we have provided the athlete with the car with which he has been able to meet the record. An SUV of almost 2,400 kilos, since the conditions demanded by Guinness World Records is that the car must weigh a minimum of 1,880 kilos to beat the record. 

The record has been carried out in an approved circuit in his hometown, Cabañas de la Sagra (Toledo),, and consisted of pushing the car for 100 meters, with his hands always in contact with the vehicle and without being able to use any external element that helps him. All this, in less than 43.6 seconds. The athlete has managed to beat the record in 40.87 seconds.

From OK Mobility, we congratulate Christian for the record achieved, an example of self-improvement, effort and sacrifice, and we will continue to accompany him in his next challenges.