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OK Mobility lands in the United States and opens in Miami its first OK Store outside Europe

Nov 7, 2022
  • The global mobility company enters the US market via franchise, expanding the international reach of its mobility services offering.

OK Mobility crosses the Atlantic and makes the leap to the United States with the opening of an OK Store in Miami (Florida), the company’s first outside Europe and does so through the franchise model. This is a key international leap for the company, which is entering the US market after a significant national and international expansion process in Europe’s main cities in recent years. With this new opening, OK Mobility is now present in 11 countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Malta, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia, and now the United States.

The new OK Store is located at Miami International Airport which, with over 37 million passengers in 2021, is one of the busiest international airports in the country, behind New York and Los Angeles.

OK Mobility CEO, Othman Ktiri, said he was excited about OK Mobility's arrival in the United States. "Each opening in a new country has been a milestone for us. But this opening goes beyond that. It is a dream that has come true today and of which we are particularly proud. Moreover, we do it in good company, by partnering with 1 Rent A Car Corp, with extensive experience in the mobility sector in the US market. In this sense, having a partner such as its CEO, Miguel Cuadrado, who, like us, values integrity, safety and customer experience, will allow us to continue to make progress in our international expansion plan".

The OK Mobility’s Expansion Director, Víctor Gómez, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement and said: "We share with 1 Rent A Car Corp the samephilosophy and values, so we are convinced that it is the ideal mobility partner to continue expanding together our mobility services in the United States".

OK Mobility continues to grow through its OK on the Road Plan, either through its own implementation, as in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Greece and Croatia; or through the acquisition (M&A) of other companies, as in France; or by creating its own franchise network, as in Malta, Montenegro, Serbia; and now also in the United States.

It is now possible to make car rental reservations in Miami through