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Malta, OK Mobility’s new Mediterranean destination

Jun 8, 2021
  • The global mobility company continues its expansion plan and becomes more present in the Mediterranean archipelago, as a franchise.

OK Mobility has made progress in its international expansion plan by opening a new office in Malta this June. Having recently opened in Greece, the company which specialises in global mobility has now become more and more present in the Mediterranean arch for the second time, using a franchise model.

The new office will be inside Malta International Airport, located between the cities of Luca and Gudja (less than 10 kilometres from the capital, La Valeta), which welcomed almost seven million passengers in 2019.

With this opening, the company continues to expand its presence in the European tourist destinations par excellence and adds new offices to its current network in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Greece; and now Malta as well.

Othman Ktiri, OK Mobility’s CEO, expressed his satisfaction with the incorporation of a new country as part of the company’s expansion plan. “Each opening gives us a reason to celebrate, but this is really outstanding. Who would have thought that OK Mobility would one day hire right-hand drive vehicles? This is a historical milestone”. “Our recent opening in Greece has encouraged us to continue to explore new openings via the franchise. It fills me with honour and responsibility to see that very consolidated local stakeholders trust the OK Mobility brand and our business model. We are entering Malta this way – it’s a strategic location as it is situated right in the middle of the Mediterranean, at a moment when the progressive activation of tourism is fundamental to be able to start seeing economic recovery. In this regard, our know-how and reinforced action plan allow us to be key players in this recovery process, adds Ktiri.

The business group plans to continue growing at international level, via their own implementation, as they have done in Portugal, Italy and Germany; with the purchase (M&A) of other companies, such as MC Automobiles in France; or by creating their own network of franchises, as they started in Greece and now in Malta.

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